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Zeon is a Music Video Director / / Don't Lose Track of Me!

2012-06-26 16:06:43 by ZeonSoul

Hello, everyone!

Maaan, it certainly has been a looong while since I wrote here. So many things have changed.
I loved making flash animations for Newgrounds when I was younger, but I guess I've drifted from that path.

I am a music video director now.
I'm currently finishing my last three semesters at university before I embark on my professional journey at 100%.

I had my directorial debut on December 1st, 2011, with SILVERTRONIC's "Silver".
I'm premiering my second music video next week, with SILVERTRONIC as well. We've already released a teaser trailer for the video at the links I'm providing below.
I'll be releasing a couple more videos in the upcoming weeks, so there's more content to look forward to!

You're all very welcome to keep track of my work. I'd love you to keep in touch with me through the new spaces where I'm publishing my work. I'll be grateful if you do. :)

Here's where you can find my work:

To keep up to date with my work, you can follow me:

So...I'm not dead! I'm just living somewhere else, haha. I'll be waiting for you all!


Zeon is a Music Video Director  / / Don't Lose Track of Me!


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